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Visiting MoMA

I visited MoMA last Saturday with my friend.  MoMA made me think about the definition of art.  Many works were too artistic for us to understand.  We talked about what were the criteria for good work.  Who decide whether a work is good or not?  We couldn’t figure that out.

I saw very famous pictures that I saw in my school textbooks.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignonby Pablo Picasso

I and the Village” by Marc Chagall

These two works were my favorite ones.  Of course, there were more famous works very closely.  We talked about how much we would have to work to compensate for any valuable art we might happen to damaged.  I remember the Met tragedy last month; a woman damaged a Pablo Picasso work accidentally.

An article about the tragedy: Woman’s tear in Picasso slashes value by $65M

If you visit New York, you can see many famous works directly and easily.  There are so many museums in the city.  I am sure you will be surprised to have this precious opportunity.


Central Park Ice Skating

I skated at Central Park last Friday.  Central Park’s ice rink was less crowded than Bryan Park.  I think there was only one tourist (me); the skate rink was for New Yorkers.  It was a wonderful experience in NYC.  After skating there, my legs hurt and I became hungry.  I realized that skating burns a lot of calories.

My first American Barbecue “Dinosaur Barbecue”

I went to an American Barbecue restaurant in Harlem last Thursday.  The restaurant name was “Dinosaur Barbecue

It’s a completely American place.  I thought this place looked like a traditional American movie.  I was the only Asian person in the restaurant; other customers were white and black Americans.  I could understand the reason why there were filled with only American, because the dishes were completely American ones.  I didn’t know almost all their names.

You should have a guide to introduce you to American culture.  If you don’t know any good guide, you can’t go this kind of place by yourself.  I went there with my American friend, so I could enjoy their dishes fully.

There are uncountable restaurants in New York City, you can enjoy many countries cuisines.  In spite of this variety, it seems difficult to visit unknown cuisine restaurants because you don’t know them.  You need to have a good guide to enjoy them.  Your friends who are from different cultures may help you.

Momofuku Ramen in New York City : Japanese Ramen culture has took hold in the U.S.

I went to a Ramen restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar last Wednesday.  American people run the restaurant, so it seemed different from Japanese ramen restaurants.  The atmosphere was stylish, and women who worked there were very cute.  Ramen restaurants are usually cheap and reasonable places in Japan, but they are unusual and expensive places in the U.S.

The taste of Ramen was soy-source based; it was good.  Though American chef cooked it, the ramen tasted the same as the ones in Japan.  There were also soft-boiled egg and dried seaweed, I was wondering whether they were acceptable for American people.

The price was…around 20 bucks for one ramen.  Can you believe it?  One ramen costs around 20 dollars in New York City.  Japanese cuisine is unusual in the U.S, so it’s expensive.  I know it.

I saw two Americans eating noodles with ketchup, I’ve never seen anyone who adds ketchup to noodles in Japan, I also found there were ketchup bottles on every table.  Americans tried to use chopsticks, I noticed half of them couldn’t use it well.  I thought that Japanese Ramen culture has took hold in the U.S.

The Phantom of Opera at Majestic Theater

I went to Broadway, and enjoyed “the Phantom of Opera”.  It was a wonderful show.  I was fascinated by it.  Actors played in front of us; of course, the performance was live, not a movie.  I think this was the greatest part of the show.

I thought how wonderful their acting was.  Their powerful voices, energetic dances, stage settings, and the orchestral music fascinated me.  I thought these were completely different from a movie.  Some movies, for example “AVATAR”, were also good, but their acting wasn’t live. On the other hand, at yesterday’s show, many actors were acting in front of me!  Once you experience a show, you can understand what I want to say.

To tell the truth, their English, literary lines in songs, was too difficult for me.  I already know the story well, so I could the story well, so I could enjoy their acting. I understood why musicals have been popular in the U.S. Even if you can’t understand English, you can enjoy their acting.  It’s appropriate for an immigrant’s country where there are many language problems.

The review of AVATAR

I saw AVATAR last Sunday.  It’s a historical movie and its reputation of being a jaw-dropping movie is already beginning to precede itself.  I’m thinking AVATAR would be a monumental landmark in the movie industry.  I really admired the movie. You should watch “Avatar” in an IMAX theater with the 3D glasses and the 3D function; without a big screen, you certainly can’t enjoy AVATAR.

One of my American friends said the story is “predicable”.  He isn’t wrong, if I saw the movie in Japanese, I might say the same thing.  I had to see the movie in English; I had to use my brain fully to understand the story, I couldn’t afford to predict the story.

I could understand the English without subtitles.  70% to 80% of the English was understandable, so I could understand the whole story well.  When I watch American movies on DVD, I usually have the subtitles either in English or Japanese.  I had to watch the movie without subtitles at the theater, so I saw it and tried to understand the movie.  I noticed I can watch American movies without subtitles.  It’s a big progress of mine.

Asian Foods in New York City

Recently, I went to some Asian cuisine restaurant, a Korean restaurant, and a restaurant with Guangdong-style cuisine, and food from the northeastern area of China. These cuisines are similar to Japanese cuisines, so I could enjoy these restaurants.

On the 13th, I went to Korea town around 32nd Street in Manhattan. I ate sul lung tang there. Sul lung tang is similar to Ramen and rice porridge. You can add salt and seasoning by yourself. I added too much salt, and salt accumulated on the bottom of my bowl of my bowl. I couldn’t eat it all because it was too salty, but I think I can adjust it properly next time.

On the 16th, I went to the Guangdong restaurant in Chinatown in Manhattan. I rarely ate Xiolongbao in Japan. I think these Chinese foods are different from that in Japan, because these foods are for Chinese people. On the other hand, Chinese foods in Japan are for Japanese people. You can easily find Guangdong foods at Canal Street and authentic Guangdong foods. I don’t remember how many times I have visited Chinese restaurants at Canal Street.

I went to a restaurant in Flashings the day before yesterday that served North-East China cuisine. Now, I know there are many areas in China, and they are different from each other, They are also delicious and not so expensive.