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A good meeting with a British guy

I met a British guy at the supermarket. It’s very rare in my hometown. My English teacher said that there are only three native English speakers in my hometown. I’ve already met two of them, so he may be the last person.

He was reading Japanese magazines, so I said “Can you read it?” He said “No.”.  He was looking at pictures in the magazine.  I know learning Japanese takes a long time. He isn’t Chinese, so he has to learn Kanji (Chinese characters). Then we started our conversation.

He was surprised by my helmet because my helmet is exclusive for bike riding. He said I’m the first person he’s seen in my hometown who wears a professional bike helmet. He also said you should wear a bike helmet when you cycle in the Britain. (Is this right?) On the other hand, you don’t need to wear a helmet in Japan. Though Japan’s bikes are very different from Britain’s bikes, I want to say we should wear a helmet in Japan for our safety.  We found out that we have a same hobby, bicycle, and interests.

He taught me his name, and I said I’ll send a friend request in facebook. That was a good meeting. I looked for him in facebook, but I had a problem. There are five people with the same name. I couldn’t find him, so I sent a couple of requests. I hope my request will reach him.


Isn’t she Japanese?

I have a favorite female singer now.  I like her clear voice. Surprisingly, she isn’t Japanese. I didn’t notice that she is Korean. Her pronunciation seems perfect, so I thought she is Japanese. I’m wondering how she learned this perfect pronunciation.