Reverse Culture Shock (2) Japanese people work so hard

When I went to a Japanese diner, Yoshinoya, one middle aged woman worked there. Though she was the only worker in the diner, there were almost 10 customers. I knew her salary wasn’t so high and she didn’t receive any tips, but she worked really hard and was very polite to us.  I thought that Japanese are so earnest in the workplace.
At the same time, I thought she was making herself less valued because she didn’t receive enough support from her company and I guessed shed didn’t ask for any support from her company. Japanese people sometimes work just for the sake of work itself, not for salary. It seems to be a virtue of Japanese, but now I can say that this virtue is one of the causes that lead to the recent depression in the Japanese economy.  I didn’t notice it before I go abroad. This is what I really want to write in my Journals. I’ll write about this topic more in another article.

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