Reverse Culture Shock (1) “lack of diversity”

I came back from NYC to Japan three week ago.  Although I recovered from jet lag, I’m still suffering from reverse culture shock. I want to write about it.
I was scared when I got to Tokyo Station, because there were many people and almost all of them were Japanese.  As you know, NYC has a variety of people.  People are very different from each other.  Tokyo is totally different from NYC in this respect.
I noticed people were standing only on one side – the left side – on the escalators at Tokyo Station.  If you were in a hurry to somewhere, you could run up along the right side of the escalators. This is an implicit rule in Tokyo.  I’ve never seen this kind of rule in NYC.  I remember people stood on both sides of the escalator at Grand Central Terminal. Can you imagine what I thought when I saw this scene in Japan?  I was just scared.  I felt weird even though I’m Japanese.
I want to say the word “diversity”.  I’m wondering why Japan lacks of this kind of “diversity”.  This diversity is the biggest difference between Japan and the U.S.


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