Visiting MoMA

I visited MoMA last Saturday with my friend.  MoMA made me think about the definition of art.  Many works were too artistic for us to understand.  We talked about what were the criteria for good work.  Who decide whether a work is good or not?  We couldn’t figure that out.

I saw very famous pictures that I saw in my school textbooks.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignonby Pablo Picasso

I and the Village” by Marc Chagall

These two works were my favorite ones.  Of course, there were more famous works very closely.  We talked about how much we would have to work to compensate for any valuable art we might happen to damaged.  I remember the Met tragedy last month; a woman damaged a Pablo Picasso work accidentally.

An article about the tragedy: Woman’s tear in Picasso slashes value by $65M

If you visit New York, you can see many famous works directly and easily.  There are so many museums in the city.  I am sure you will be surprised to have this precious opportunity.


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