Reverse culture shock towards Japan

I was watching people in the Time Warner building, nearby Columbus circle last Friday.  There was a variety of people.  I like this diversity.  I like watching people in NYC.  I can’t see this scene in Tokyo.  I think most Japanese people don’t understand what I feel when I see this diversity. It’s comfortable for me to see different people in a same place.

At Central Park’s ice rink, I could see two gay couples and one lesbian couple.  I’ve never seen gay people in Japan.  This culture isn’t acceptable in Japan.  I thought what an open mind  Americans have.  On the other hand, if I do different things in Japan, normal Japanese people criticize me publically or secretly.

Of course, I know there is discrimination in the U.S., but Americans are trying to change this.  I like this attempt. Even though many problems exist in the U.S, now I prefer the U.S because of their open mind and willingness to change reality.  I really admire this open mind in the U.S.

My opinion seems too radical for normal Japanese who have never been to foreign countries.  Recently, I’ve been thinking it’s quite difficult for normal Japanese people understand diversity and the open-mindedness of the U.S.  I’m also thinking I shouldn’t say this kind of thing in Japanese.  What I feel now is a reverse culture shock to Japan.


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