My first American Barbecue “Dinosaur Barbecue”

I went to an American Barbecue restaurant in Harlem last Thursday.  The restaurant name was “Dinosaur Barbecue

It’s a completely American place.  I thought this place looked like a traditional American movie.  I was the only Asian person in the restaurant; other customers were white and black Americans.  I could understand the reason why there were filled with only American, because the dishes were completely American ones.  I didn’t know almost all their names.

You should have a guide to introduce you to American culture.  If you don’t know any good guide, you can’t go this kind of place by yourself.  I went there with my American friend, so I could enjoy their dishes fully.

There are uncountable restaurants in New York City, you can enjoy many countries cuisines.  In spite of this variety, it seems difficult to visit unknown cuisine restaurants because you don’t know them.  You need to have a good guide to enjoy them.  Your friends who are from different cultures may help you.


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