Momofuku Ramen in New York City : Japanese Ramen culture has took hold in the U.S.

I went to a Ramen restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar last Wednesday.  American people run the restaurant, so it seemed different from Japanese ramen restaurants.  The atmosphere was stylish, and women who worked there were very cute.  Ramen restaurants are usually cheap and reasonable places in Japan, but they are unusual and expensive places in the U.S.

The taste of Ramen was soy-source based; it was good.  Though American chef cooked it, the ramen tasted the same as the ones in Japan.  There were also soft-boiled egg and dried seaweed, I was wondering whether they were acceptable for American people.

The price was…around 20 bucks for one ramen.  Can you believe it?  One ramen costs around 20 dollars in New York City.  Japanese cuisine is unusual in the U.S, so it’s expensive.  I know it.

I saw two Americans eating noodles with ketchup, I’ve never seen anyone who adds ketchup to noodles in Japan, I also found there were ketchup bottles on every table.  Americans tried to use chopsticks, I noticed half of them couldn’t use it well.  I thought that Japanese Ramen culture has took hold in the U.S.


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