Misunderstanding about learning English

My biggest misunderstanding about the TOEIC is that a 900+ score was not so difficult.  I thought very few people could achieve 900+; people who grew up in the U.S. or went to an American college could achieve this score.  I realize it’s completely wrong.

What I thought in the past is that if I achieve 900+, I can speak very fluently, I can understand any English, I can write good compositions, I can read difficult English books, and so on.  I can’t do these things well now…

I didn’t have a single notion of ESL, English as second language.  Usually, you can’t be a Native English Speaker no matter how hard you study English.  Few people can be perfectly bilingual, who come to the U.S. in their childhood or are 2nd generation immigrants, and so on.

These are my misunderstandings about learning English, which I had in the past.  I should have known it.


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