Like iPhone’s applications

I have four-language exchange partners now.  All of them re Native English speakers, but three of them aren’t American.  One is a Canadian, another is a Singaporean, and the last person is a person with dual nationality, Hong Kong and the U.S.  Since I came here, I’ve met many immigrants.  I’m thinking what factors are attracting immigrants from all over the world.

Now, I think that the U.S. is like an iPhone of an iPod touch, and immigrants are like iPhone’s applications.  While a platform is always same on an iPhone, applications are always changeling.  An iPhone can continue to stay good because of this application’s improvement.  The coutry like the U.S. is equivalent to a platform in this thinking, and immigrants are applications.  The United States good because many immigrants always come to the U.S. ; the nationality of immigrants changes each time.

On the other hand, Japan doesn’t accept immigrants eagerly now. Almost twenty years ago, Japan was much better.  Japan hasn’t changed their demographic of workforce well to adjust to the changing world economy.  I think that the reason why Japan was good was just that they were lucky.  My theory is that Japan’s economy was suitable for the world economy from after Worl War Two to twenty years ago. Now, Japan isn’t suitable for the world economy.  Japanese people need to change themselves to keep up with the world economy.  While the U.S is always changing, Japan isn’t.  I’m thinking how Japan will change in the future.


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