Why do you always use big, fancy words?

I have been learning English with many books. Because of them, my English has become good enough to communicate with Native English speakers.  While I can communicate well in English, I still have some problems about language usage.  I’ve learned English with books, so my English seems more polite or formal than Americans.

English textbooks in Japan are usually very formal, I think we don’t always learn present-day English; we sometimes learn your grandparents’ English.  I remember some Japanese people eagerly discussing this sort of old, grandparent English.  I’ve never used it and never heard it in America.  Ironically, the people who discussed Grand-parents English couldn’t use easy and normal English well.  This isn’t unusual in Japan.  I think many Japanese people regard English as something to study.  So, they don’t use English in their life;  they only study English, that’s it!

I would strongly recommend you to use English as a tool.  With this tool, you can communicate with non-Japanese people.  Besides English teachers, have you ever talked with a person from another country in English?  Because of the internet, you can find foreign friends or learning partners easily only if you have a will.


One response to “Why do you always use big, fancy words?

  1. Good entry! Although I didn’t really see much of a connection between the title of the entry and the body of the message itself @_@, I thought you would talk about big fancy words people often use. Hmmm, I like big fancy words, they are fun to use and make you “seem smart”. Lawyers in U.S.A. often use big words when they speak. Some people choose to use it and some don’t, I don’t know why…maybe it’s a matter of personal taste. I think it also depends on the situation…sometimes a “fancy word” is more suitable. For example: let’s say you are in trouble with the police…they arrest you for robbing a grocery store…but you weren’t even near the store! You can say “I have an excuse” to explain your story about where you were during the grocery story robbery, but we use the word “alibi” in this situation as it’s more suitable. “I have an alibi!”

    alibi – a type of defense a person uses to prove that he or she was elsewhere when a particular crime has been committed

    I think a lot of Americans don’t know many “big words” because they don’t read enough…but then again…English is full of crazy words that can make anyone say “huh??? is that Chinese???” lol

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