The Phantom of Opera at Majestic Theater

I went to Broadway, and enjoyed “the Phantom of Opera”.  It was a wonderful show.  I was fascinated by it.  Actors played in front of us; of course, the performance was live, not a movie.  I think this was the greatest part of the show.

I thought how wonderful their acting was.  Their powerful voices, energetic dances, stage settings, and the orchestral music fascinated me.  I thought these were completely different from a movie.  Some movies, for example “AVATAR”, were also good, but their acting wasn’t live. On the other hand, at yesterday’s show, many actors were acting in front of me!  Once you experience a show, you can understand what I want to say.

To tell the truth, their English, literary lines in songs, was too difficult for me.  I already know the story well, so I could the story well, so I could enjoy their acting. I understood why musicals have been popular in the U.S. Even if you can’t understand English, you can enjoy their acting.  It’s appropriate for an immigrant’s country where there are many language problems.


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