Cool Japan, it has been illegally spreading

I’ve found many Japanese cultures since I came here. Native English speakers who study Japanese language are often fascinated by Japanese cultures, especially Japanese cartoons, Anime, drama, music, and cute stuffs.  I was wondering how they know these cultures.

I found many illegal contents on the web. You can find them easily.  For example, I can see many Anime with English subtitles or I can read many comics which are translated into English.  Even though I live in the U.S., I can read the latest “HUNTER HUNTER” story on the web.  You can enjoy them for free because they are illegal stuff.  Now I am thinking how anime and comic companies make money.  I think you can’t stop this illegal spread on the web.

I took these pictures at Canal Street.  There were many Japanese goods stores. Of course, these stores were legal!


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