What I thought through my internship

My first internship started in a NPO which provided legal services to immigrants.  I was learning English throughout my internship.  My work consisted of odd-jobs.  I thought I had to do these simple tasks because my English level wasn’t good enough to do any advanced work.

After the first three months passed, I could do the daily tasks and communicate with colleagues in English.  Then, I became really bored of these simple jobs and I thought that I needed more intellectual works.  There was not enough support for my internship and the company couldn’t satisfy my demands because their resources were limited.  Unfortunately, a conflict among supervisors also happened, and I couldn’t receive enough support anymore.  I started to talk with my agency to move to another company.

I have started to read English books to improve my skills since last November.  No one taught me, so I chose to learn valuable things by myself.  I fell into adversity, but because of this adversity, I noticed that my English was good enough to read technical books. Now I would like to learn more about my specialties, but I have to leave here soon.  I think I need more time to study them.


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