The review of ALICIA

This article is about the movie of ALICIAALICIA is a short movie and my friend, Hakki Subentekin is the director.

The heroine, Alicia is a prostitute in the movie. She is an immigrant and I guess that she can’t earn enough money to keep her family without performing such work because her language is limited and she doesn’t have technical skills. When watching the movie, I felt the hardships of an immigrant.  I also have experienced the same feelings.  I can’t use English like my first language, and therefore I can’t do the same things that I can do in my country.  Now I don’t have enough technical skills, so I have to do low-paying or menial tasks if I continue to live in NYC.  After seeing the movie, it continues to stay in my mind.  If you live in your own country, you may not notice how hard it is for immigrants to live in other countries.  This movie lets you know about the reality of immigrants.

Thank you for the good movie, Hakki


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