If you work outside of your country

If the market of Japan shrunk or the Japan’s economy got weak, we might have to go abroad to make money. Taiwan’s and Korea’s population and market are smaller than Japan, so I think Taiwanese and Korean people have started to make money abroad.  They sometimes choose to live as immigrants in foreign countries.  If you work outside of your country, what you can do would be very limited.  I’m thinking of this subject as I work at my internship currently.

The first choice of immigrants is work that doesn’t need foreign languages.  For example, it doesn’t require English in the case of NYC.  These jobs can include physical labors, which are usually low-paying and difficult.  Female immigrants may choose prostitution.  A chef or barber is better than simple physical labors.

The second is to be a white-collar worker. If you have engineering or scientific skills, you may earn more money, and the salary is usually much higher than physical works.  I highly recommend this option; studying engineering or scientific skills can help if you want to work in foreign countries.  Accounting and finance are also included in this option.

The last and most difficult choice is to work using your English.  Sales, marketing, and public relations are difficult even for native English speakers because you have to understand, communicate, and persuade American people.  I think, for those whose English is a second language, these jobs are quite difficult, and very few people can do this kind of work.


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