The review of AVATAR

I saw AVATAR last Sunday.  It’s a historical movie and its reputation of being a jaw-dropping movie is already beginning to precede itself.  I’m thinking AVATAR would be a monumental landmark in the movie industry.  I really admired the movie. You should watch “Avatar” in an IMAX theater with the 3D glasses and the 3D function; without a big screen, you certainly can’t enjoy AVATAR.

One of my American friends said the story is “predicable”.  He isn’t wrong, if I saw the movie in Japanese, I might say the same thing.  I had to see the movie in English; I had to use my brain fully to understand the story, I couldn’t afford to predict the story.

I could understand the English without subtitles.  70% to 80% of the English was understandable, so I could understand the whole story well.  When I watch American movies on DVD, I usually have the subtitles either in English or Japanese.  I had to watch the movie without subtitles at the theater, so I saw it and tried to understand the movie.  I noticed I can watch American movies without subtitles.  It’s a big progress of mine.


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