I would say my biggest fault is…

There is an article about interviewing in my text book, and this article includes how to say your biggest fault.  The article says “my biggest fault is working too hard sometimes.”  My friend said this is very common and a cliché. I am wondering what my biggest fault is and how do I say it in my interview in order not to be stereotyped.

I would say that my biggest fault is “I don’t like working hard”.  I have to add supplementary words to this sentence.  “I don’t like work hard without thinking or planning.”  I did the strength finder last year.  The result said one of my strength points is “Imagination; to come up with innovative or progressive ideas”.  If I was forced to do a lot of work and I was forbidden to improve anything about the work, I would hate the work and quit. On the other hand, if you allowed me to improve the work, I would come up with more useful or effective ideas and improve the work dramatically.  This is my biggest fault.  I think my biggest fault may be having a strong work ethic if the working situation is appropriate for me.


2 responses to “I would say my biggest fault is…

  1. I said in my own job interview, “I am too keen on details.” It would work with a job requiring attention to details.

    In any cases, the interviewer will ask your actual work experience to support it, so you need to practice to describe your real-life example briefly.

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