Asian Foods in New York City

Recently, I went to some Asian cuisine restaurant, a Korean restaurant, and a restaurant with Guangdong-style cuisine, and food from the northeastern area of China. These cuisines are similar to Japanese cuisines, so I could enjoy these restaurants.

On the 13th, I went to Korea town around 32nd Street in Manhattan. I ate sul lung tang there. Sul lung tang is similar to Ramen and rice porridge. You can add salt and seasoning by yourself. I added too much salt, and salt accumulated on the bottom of my bowl of my bowl. I couldn’t eat it all because it was too salty, but I think I can adjust it properly next time.

On the 16th, I went to the Guangdong restaurant in Chinatown in Manhattan. I rarely ate Xiolongbao in Japan. I think these Chinese foods are different from that in Japan, because these foods are for Chinese people. On the other hand, Chinese foods in Japan are for Japanese people. You can easily find Guangdong foods at Canal Street and authentic Guangdong foods. I don’t remember how many times I have visited Chinese restaurants at Canal Street.

I went to a restaurant in Flashings the day before yesterday that served North-East China cuisine. Now, I know there are many areas in China, and they are different from each other, They are also delicious and not so expensive.


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