Obsessed with electronic gadgets

I can see many people are using smartphones here in NYC. The cell phone culture of the U.s is different from that of Japan. I rarely saw smartphones in Japan. Many American people are using smartphones, like iPhone, and Blackberry. I became interested in smartphones because of the popularity of technology in NYC. I’m fascinated and likely to be obsessed with electronic gadgets. With the Nexus One, you can enjoy the Android OS. A  BlackBerry has a physical keyboard and a trackball, not a virtual keyboard. Using these, you can type much faster than the iPhone.

Now, I think I should stop thinking about these electronic gadgets. I know I don’t need the newest gadget. I don’t need to type fast with a smartphone because I don’t like texting with a cell phone. I prefer a laptop keyboard to type e-mails and documents. I haven’t had any emergencies where I needed I needed to type up something within one hour; I can wait and then type with my laptop. I also don’t need the next model of iPhone; iPhone 3GS is good enough for me to use it as a PDA. I don’t need an iPhone with the fastest CPU or a 5M pixel digital camera. I have an iPod touch, and this gadget can satisfy almost anything that I would like to be able to do. Some functions that I would like to see available on the iPod touch include a 3G network and a GPS function. The iPhone 3GS has these.

The most necessary thing for me is the wisdom of crowds; I want to be able to access information that’s already available on the web or books. The word “crowds” in this case refers to the people who use iPhones. If I use the latest model, I can’t enjoy this wisdom. An old gadget has a different benefit. So, I should stop thinking about the latest gadgets.


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