Bye-bye TOEIC Textbooks!

Today, I received the results of last week’s TOEIC exam. I achieved a score of 905! (Listening 490 + Reading 415). My score is 860+; I belong to the highest ranks of the TOEIC now. So, I don’t need to study for the TOEIC exam anymore.

While the TOEIC isn’t recognized in the U.S., Japanese and Korean companies place high emphasis on it; that’s why Japanese and Koreans have to study for the TOEIC to enter a company and to be promoted. I took my first TOEIC 5 years ago. My score was around 600 at the time, but I hadn’t started to study for the TOEIC until 2 years ago. I had increased my score by 100 points in a year while I was working in my previous company. I was so busy I didn’t have enough time to study for the exam. It took me a while to increase my score. Last year, I was studying English not only for the TOEIC but also for writing, listening, speaking to live well in the U.S. I also finished one textbook for the TOEIC which in turn resulted in my achieving a score of over 860.

Frankly speaking, TOEIC‘s content is too general and boring for me. I don’t like to study to just pass exam. So, it’s a good relief not to study for TOEIC anymore! Bye-bye TOEIC  textbooks!


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