It seems like another language

I’m reading a book about web design now. There are a lot of words unfamiliar to me; I must look many words up. The words are totally different from everyday conversation words. I think I don’t need to use these words, but I must be able to understand and read them.

No one can understand one word perfectly, even in their native tongue. In order to not stop reading the book, I should decrease the number of times I keep looking up unfamiliar words.


One response to “It seems like another language

  1. English speaking world is definitely a class society. If the class is different they speak different English.

    As the saying goes “Walk the walk and talk the talk.”

    We had been happy as Kanji is an ideogram and we can guess the meaning of jargons by combining what each Kanji represents.

    This advantage had been lost when we abandoned translating foreign words into Kanji. This practice once helped even Chinese who invented the very characters.

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