Blog and Twitter policy

While waiting for my laundry, I was thinking about what to tweet in Twitter. When I tweet something innovative or radical, I receive criticisms. Through reading these criticisms, I realized that every person has his own opinion. They believe that their opinions are always right, whatever their opinions are, and if my opinion is different from theirs, they think that my opinion is wrong. Moreover, the definition of a word is often different for each person. That’s why I understand that it’s useless to try to change their opinion using words. Furthermore, general topics sometimes cause disputes because everybody thinks about the problem differently. Twitter has a word limit of 140 characters. This restriction also causes dispute.

Now, I think that it is useless to discuss general topics. This act doesn’t improve anything. SO, I decided to stop discussing general things. What I have to do is to show a remarkable result of mine. I think that if you show a remarkable result, people will automatically support your opinion. I learned this thing from my own experience.

If I want to persuade people who aren’t interested in my blogs and twitter, I would have to be more careful. At first, I have to think about the reader’s thinking and have to use specific figures to persuade them the proposal shouldn’t be emotional, but should be objective. However, I think it’s very difficult for us to be objective in our blogs and tweets.

We have to rely on our own judgments, so our proposal should be emotional. For example, I’ve experienced valuable things here. I can’t measure my experience in NYC precisely and objectively. I have to be subjective when I talk about my experience, so I’ve decided to choose reader of my tweets and blog.

I want to have readers who are interested in reading English, at least readers who can read my English tweets. The reader should understand the importance of understanding English. For example, people notice the existence of “iTunes U”, thinking that I can access a vast amout of precious content if I can understand English. This is the type of reader whom I would like to communicate with. If you don’t understand my thinking, you shouldn’t read my blog and tweets. My thinking might be very uncomfortable for you

“Note” English is my second language; you can read my easy English tweet without difficulty only if you have a will to read them.


3 responses to “Blog and Twitter policy

  1. Hi Hiroyuki! It’s Brandon! Good job on the postings, your English is coming along well! I’m very proud of you 🙂 すごい!

    Hmm, what kind of topics do you discuss on your Twitter account? What do you say? Judging from what I’m reading on here, it seems like you discuss controversial topics?? Do you tweet something like “Oh I think abortion is stupid/good”? Or “oh I hate black people” (lol), or ” gay people should die”? lol, can you give me an example?? I’m very curious to know ^^

  2. Hi Brandon
    As you said it, it’s controversial topics, so it’s secret 🙂 Kidding, I’ll tell you these when we meet next time.

  3. ええー 

    Hmm, I wonder what it could be….オタクについて? 笑

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