The Wisdom of Crowds –I can stand on the shoulder of English giants now-

To learn English gives us a largest merit. The merit is that you can access enormous amounts of English contents.  I’m enjoying various English podcasts on iTunes now.  If I couldn’t understand English, I would only access Japanese programs.  As you know, the number of Japanese programs is very few compared with the number of English programs.  Not only podcasts but also the number of apps is same. You can enjoy more APPs with your iPhone/iPod touch in English.

What I want to say is that you can make use of more people’s wisdom if you understand English.  I’m studying about iPhone and WordPress now in English. You can use more advanced programs and receive enough support in English because the number of English users is more than the number of Japanese users. The number of books, websites, programming softwares and audio books is sufficient in English.

Now I can access most of them.  This is the largest merit I believe I’ve received through learning English. I can stand on the shoulder of English giants now!


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