My progress in English is improving

I’ve lived in NYC for 5 months now.  I have noticed that my progress in English is improving.  I went to the Grand Central Terminal on Thanksgiving Day.  I didn’t know how to order the meals the last time I visited there; I didn’t know the basic daily English, like platter and combo, so I pointed to what I wanted to eat.  Now, I can order meals without difficulty.

I’m reading some English books.  I’ve never read unknown English books before.  Before I came here, I only read books which I’ve already read in Japanese translation.  Novels are difficult for me to read because I don’t have enough knowledge of the U.S. and I don’t know a variety of expressions in English.  On the other hand, I can read technical books easily because I have knowledge about it and the expressions are limited compared to literatures.  Now I’m learning WordPress, a blogging tool for websites, through an English book.

I have used English to survive here in NYC, but I have also noticed that my English has reached an advanced level; I would like to use English more properly.  So I bought the grammar book, “English Grammar for DUMMIES”, now I can read an English grammar book in English!  I don’t have to rely on English books that are written in Japanese.  This is a big relief for me!


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