Rich Dad, Rich Mom

I have met 2 impressive people in NY in the respect of financial literacy. They are making their assets work well. They aren’t millionaires, but they seem wealthier than normal people.

The rich dad is retired and now lives off the money he has made from his investments. He has his own Real Estate company. When I read his company’s websites, I was really surprised. He could buy a luxury car because of his investment. The rich mom has a big house in NYC. She is lending her house rooms to international students who come to NYC. As you know, NYC always attracts a lot of foreign people, tourists, students, immigrants, workers, and so on. They will rent the rooms, and I’m guessing that she doesn’t need to work due to the rent.

These kind of lifestyles aren’t so common in Japan. Japanese people usually only deposit their money to banks. That is, they work very hard and don’t even bother with investments or playing in the Stock Market. Even most Japanese people don’t invest their money. I wish Japanese people would go outside of their comfort zones and learn to acquire at least some financial literacy. “Working hard” is not the only solution to achieve happiness. I think it would be very beneficial if Japanese people learned this kind of lifestyle from American people.


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