Statue of Liberty

Though I’ve lived in NYC for 4 months, I hadn’t been there yet. So I decided to go to the Statue of Liberty on November 5th. I tried to buy a crown ticket which will allow me climb to the crown, but the crown tickets were sold out. Even though I couldn’t go inside the Statue, in other words I only walked around the Statue, I was satisfied with this sightseeing. The Statue of Liberty isn’t as small as I had thought when I saw it from Manhattan. My impression turned out to be wrong. I have visited one of the iconic places of New York City. I went there with a Swiss lady. We spoke in English. I found that it’s difficult for non-native English speakers to speak informally. We’ve studied English in schools where teachers usually only teach formal English. Our English is intermediate, but sometimes we can’t use simple English because of this reason.

After the visit to the statue, we went to the Immigration museum on Ellis Island. We learned about immigrant history there. I learned that the US is made up of immigrants. All Americans except Native American were originally immigrants.

I found that the audio tour isn’t appropriate for tourists in a group because people can’t communicate while they are listening to the audio guide.


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