A review of “Lost in Translation”

My host family father lent me a movie, “Lost in Translation”. This movie is about two American people visiting Japan and they experienced culture shock.
In the movie, they looked confused; the characters couldn’t speak any Japanese; they couldn’t understand what Japanese people talked about; they couldn’t do what they can do easily in the US. The characters spent a lot of money to stay in Japan, but couldn’t enjoy their stay because they lack the knowledge of Japan.
I could understand what they felt because I had experienced same things in the US. When I came here, everything seemed different and difficult to do. I thought it’s a good to understand culture shock which people experience when they visit unknown countries.

This movie interprets Japanese well. I saw many misinterpretation of Japan in the US. I saw a movie in the past. This movie’s actor is a Korean or Chinese and he acted Japanese, so it was quite odd for me.


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