Bronx Zoo

I’m interested in Zoos, especially the breeding methods used there. I’ve read some books about zoos. Most Japanese zoos have copied the ideas of the US zoos. I wanted to go to Bronx zoo when I
lived in Japan. I recently went on the 20th, and had a valuable experience there.

One of my interests is “Enrichment”. I noticed some “Environmental Enrichment” there. The Bronx zoo is huge. The facilities try to keep a comfortable environment for the animals. Some animals here seem to live more comfortably than the ones in Japan. Another interesting note is that Bronx zoo has an emphasis on educating people. There are strong messages for visitors. You can learn about animal extinction because of environmental destruction.

Zoos used to be a show tent, and animals had to live in cages. It’s completely different from present zoos. Zoos have progressed in this respect. I’d like to introduce my favorite message, learned from the Bronx zoo.

“In the end,
we will conserve only what we love,
we will love only what we understand,
we will understand only what we are taught
-Baba Dioum”



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