Rice in a Japanese cuisine

There is no rice cooker in my host family’s home. I hadn’t eaten boiled rice in a Japanese cuisine there. I’ve always had to eat rice in other cuisines.

I like Chinese fried rice (chaofan 炒飯) and long-grained indica rice. Though I always go to Chinatown’s restaurant and eat street vendor’s platters with indica rice as a lunch, I sometimes miss Japanese rice (short-grained japonica rice), so I tried to cook a rice without a rice cooker.

Although I thought it was difficult to cook with a pot, it was quite easy. Moreover, I can cook fast and better than using a rice cooker. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. I’m satisfied with the result; I can cook Japanese rice now.

I ate dinner with my host family’s daughter. She cooked other dishes. It was really good.



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