Vendy Awards

There was a street vendor festival on September 26th. This event was a competition of street food vendors in New York City. I took part in this event as a volunteer; I was able to eat delicious street vendor’s food there.

Street vendors’ food prices are very reasonable, which is why I always go to vendor stands to have lunch. Many Americans also eat street vendors’ food. This event, the Vendy Awards, is a festival for these vendors.
I thought that the participants were very different from most vendors; they looked rich and educated. They could pay 80 dollars for the entry fee. On one hand, most vendors are mainly immigrants, poor, and can’t speak good English. The founder of this event, Sean Basinski, aimed to link vendors, who lived harshly, with New York citizens. “Vendy Award is one way to do that to put vendors in the limelight for one day and it’s also just a lot of fun.” He said.

All tickets were sold out. SVP could raise money through the festival. This year’s Vendy Awards was a success.


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