In Regards to Language Exchanges

I’ve been practicing English with language exchanges for 2 months in NYC, I now have three partners who are reliable.

One partner is studying Japanese to travel to Japan in this month; He’ll stop studying Japanese soon. I would like to have three partners whom I can see regularly, thus I’m looking for a new partner.

It’s difficult for me to find reliable partners for language exchange. I usually look for partners with websites. Using these websites, I can find candidates easily. But I found that sometimes, these kind of relationships suddenly finish.

Some people stop sending e-mails without saying a word, others change the date to a day before twice. These kind of things seems insincere. I couldn’t continue to do language exchange with these passionless people.

You can find a lot of candidates, but they aren’t always the ideal ones for you; patience is a key to finding a good partner.


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