Summer Streets 2009

I joined NYC’s Summer Streets 2009 on the 15th, cycled through Lafayette Street and Park Avenue, and from Canal Street to East 72nd Street.

Cars could not drive on the street during this event. The streets becamse exclusive pedestrians and bikes only. The participants were able to enjoy car-free streets in Manhattan. I’ve never joined this kind of event, so was very fun for me.

Through this event, NYC and the DOT (Department of Transportation) are trying to make people realize the benefits of cycling. A lot of people don’t know what that bikes have the potential to make people healthier and, in the process, improve the city’s environment.

I only joined for an hour on the 15th, and I’d lilke to experience this event even more, so I’ll also join the Summer Streets the 22nd.

Volunteers game me pinwheel and a book about biking rules on the way. I’ll read the book and learn the law of cycling in the US. The pinwheel is in in Totoro’s head.


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