“Communication is important.”

One of most impressive words which I’ve heard in NY, is “Communication is important.” These words are the word that I’ve never been heard in Japan. There is a proverb in Japanese, “Ishin-Denshin (the direct communication from mind to mind without words)”. This proverb means that Japanese can understand without using words. The Japanese seniors like this proverb, while the younger ones dislike it.

The reason is that if young people only followed the senior people’s orders, they’ll most likely fail. Times are changing quickly; conducts from the past are no longer accepted now in many situations, but a lot of people do not notice this change and force the younger Japanese to follow their own ways without explaining why, failing to communicate with the younger generation. The elderly have to notice that we are now live in different times.

On the other hand, my supervisor knows that everybody has their own opinion. He respect company’s members. I’m impressed by his attitude which is hard to come by for older Japanese people.


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