Made in Japan in NY (or Designed in, and Assembled in Japan)

I saw a lot of products which are related to Japan in NY. The main products are Automobiles, digital cameras, Manga, Video Games, and Japanese foods.

A lot of tourists are bringing Japanese manufactured digital cameras. Big book stores have the shelves exclusively for Manga.

On the other hand, Mobile phones are suffering crushing defeats. I haven’t seen Japanese mobile phones in NY. The performance of mobile phones is quite good, but seems unsalable in NY.

***Refer to : The NY Times article***
Why Japan’s Cellphone Haven’t Gone Global –

Unexpected things are “Sudoku” and “Hello Kitty”. I thought unexpected things have became popular.

When I visited the Times Square, Korean manufacturers had their advertisement in the Times Square. I thought Korean manufacture were replacing Japanese manufactures. Korean mobile phones are popular in NY.

After coming here, I can think about things from a different point of view. When I was living in Japan, I was only thinking from a Japanese point of view.


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