The “Name” problem

Now I am remembering new words everyday. I found that a lot of things in the US are different from Japan. Especially proper names. I have to remember a lot of “names”.

Human name : It’s difficult for me to remember and pronounce Western people’s name.
names of food : Almost Every name is different in Japan.

e.g.1 “vanilla” is “banira” in Japanese. The words resemble each other, but the pronunciation is totally different.

e.g.2 When I am living in Japan, I sometimes visit Subway and Starbucks Coffee. The names of the items on these shop’s are different from Japan’s! So I have to lean them again.

These kinds of words are not taught in English classes in Japan. TOEFL and TOEIC classes do not teach them either.

I found that the English which is taught in Japan’s educational system is not sufficient for the conditions of living in the US, but just part of the necessary conditions.


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