My second impression of transportation circumstances for bikes in NY

Through today’s cycling, I found some discoveries.

(1)Bikes from Japan are different.
There is no Mama-chari in here. Mama-chari is a very popular bike in Japan. Mama-chari is safe and carries a large load, but it is too heavy to cycle fast. Mama-chari is suited for transportation circumstances in Japan. People usually ride sports bikes, road bikes, and cross bikes instead of Mama-chari.

(2)There are a lot of “one ways”
There are a lot of “one ways” in NY. I had to choose the appropriate roads to cycle safely. I don’t know the reason. I guess that roads are suited for only cars, not bikes.

(3)Keys are more solid than the one’s in Japan.
Bikers seem to be strongly afraid of bike theft. Keys are more solid than the ones in Japan. My key which I brought from Japan seems fragile when I compare them.

(4)I can cycle safely using bike paths (or bike lanes)
I chose the bike paths while on my bike today. I could cycle safely. It felt dangerous when I rode on normal roads last week. Today’s cycling was pleasant.

The more I cycle in NY, the more I notice differences from Japan. I’ll continue to investigate that.


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