The tumble

I tumbled off bicycle yesterday when I was cycling in Yonezawa city. This tumble was the second tumble in my life after riding sports bikes. The first tumbled happened 3 years ago.

My bike’s left handlebar bumped against a guard rail, and I was thrown out into the street. My right arm and my right shoulder came into contact with the street. These parts were scratched and were internally bleeding. The would was not serious since I was wearing a bike helmet and gloves.

I went to a surgery, and was examined. The doctor disinfected the wounds with alcohol. It was very painful. There was a possibility of broken bones, then the doctor took X-rays of my right arm and right shoulder. Fortunately, there was no broken bones, but there was still a possibility of a dislocation of my right shoulder. The doctor told me that I should visit the doctors office tomorrow.

It is rather ironic that I wrote about the advantages of cycling yesterday, but I injured myself while on a bike!


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