Advantages of bicycle commuting

Bicycle commuting has become popular in Japan recently. I am going to write about the merits of bicycle commuting.

There are 3 advantages to bicycle commuting.

The advantage list.
1.Health advantages
2.Economic advantages
3.Quality-of-life advantages

1.Health advantages
The best thing about bicycle commuting is that you can exercise daily. Most people do not exercise daily after graduation. Many people get fat because they do not exercise.

Satoshi Hikita, a celebrity in Japan, was quoted as saying that bicycle commuting was attractive because one could lose weight. He lost 15 kg. Another celebrity named Haruka Takachiho lost 24kg, and I lost 15 kg in six months. These figures are so attractive that people get interested in bicycle commuting when they hear these stories.

2.Economic advantages
If you make use of bicycle in stead of a car or train, then you can save money.

Having car is particularly expensive. Bike commuters can save on gas, oil changes, brake repairs, tires, car washes, parking fees, and a gym membership.

3.Quality-of-life advantages
You notice the change in seasons clearly when you cycle. You become familiar with your town through cycling. I cycled 3,000 km in Nagoya city in a year. I know Nagoya city very well like the locals because of the cycling I had done while living there.

Bikes are the best measure for the environment, possible even more than walking because walking takes more energy than cycling.

Bikes are good for not only yourself but also earth.


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