The review of “A major poverty country; the United States (貧困大国アメリカ)”

The paperback pocket edition, “A major poverty country: The United States(貧困大国アメリカ)” had received the 2009 paperback first prize in Japan.

The book included five big problems in the US.

The problems list
1.The obesity in poor people. Poor people can’t buy healthy foods because of poverty. They have to eat junk foods which is high in calories, but isn’t nutritional.

2.The privatization of State-Owned Firms. The result of the privatization led to the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief, and the fall of educational quality.

3.People had to pay a lot money to get insurance, and many people went bankrupt because of the insurance fees.

4.Poor high school students choose the military option, in order to escape their poverty.

5.The working poor took part in the Iraq War as private citizens.

Through this book, you can learn the aspects of the US which are not usually broadcast on TV.

Japanese sometimes regards the US as a model of development. The Japanese government has tried to follow the U.S policy in many ways.

We have to know the present situation in the U.S. The privatization and free competition may not be the best solution.


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