I am learning Phonics. Phonics is the method which teaches how to connect the sounds of spoken English with letters or groups of letters.

I had learned the phonetic symbol once before, but I could not pronounce them well because the phonetic symbols were not connected with words. Then I couldn’t make use of the phonetic symbols.

It is too strange for Japanese to understand English pronunciation, because there are many unknown sounds in English like voiceless sounds (consonants) and unknown vowels.

Phonics can teach us how to pronounce English correctly, and give English learners confidence regarding of pronunciation. I think that this is the most useful effect aspect of Phonics.

Phonics is not well known in Japan. Japanese do not learn Phonics in both compulsory schools and high schools. I regret that Phonics is not taught in Japan.

Japanese Google search result
276,000hit, Hatsuon kigou発音記号 (phonetic symbol in Japanese)
85,000hit, fonikkusu フォニックス(Phonics in Japanese )
19,000hit, Phonics

Phonetic symbol is more popular than Phonics in Japan.


One response to “Phonics

  1. I’ve been fighting with explaining proper English pronunciation to my friends for years and still the best I’ve come up with is a chart which includes both katakana as well as a lot of question marks!

    However, the strength of this method has been that it teaches the student immediately the folly of trying to pronounce English words in katakana alone, hence the necessity of teaching themselves something which they have not been even aware of.

    Anyone with any curiosity of the method I’ve been using feel free to contact me. I’m in the process of writing a series of books to help with a wide range of problems that have confronted Japanese learners of English.
    I’m writing it in Japanese, then spending hours and hours vetting all my grammar, word usage and sentence structure with my Japanese friends in order to assure accuracy of what I want to say.

    By the way, phonics should be ファァニックス。

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