The review of The Others

I thought “The Others” was a good horror film. The story was set in 1945 after the WW2. The main characters lived in an old Western style house. The atmosphere was pretty weird! I loved it.

Nicole Mary Kidman played the leading part. Her acting was good, especially when she was annoyed and frighted. I have become a fan of her.

This movie was my favorite. “The Others” was the best movie that I have seen recently.

If you have not seen this movie, do not continue to read this article which includes spoilers.

I deduced that the three servants were dead, and the family all was dead, and I thought at first that this story was the same as other major horror films.
However, I could not have predicted the last mystery; who opened doors, who played the piano, and opened the curtains. I thought other ghosts did that. It was apparently wrong.

Other living people who Nicole could not see did it! This movie was described from the viewpoint of dead people. I was surprised at this fact. I was misled. I was deeply impressed by this story. So the number of stars I give it is 5 based on the Amazon rating system.

The English used in the movie was British English, wasn’t it? Their pronunciation seemed different from the U.S. This old polite English seemed favorable to me, though.


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