The comic of politics primer, "Kunimitsu-no-matsuri"

Most young people are indifferent to politics in Japan. Young people are getting more and more disillusioned with politics.

Why were they apolitical? The cartoonist, Yuma Ando, thought that there were many famous sports stars, so young people wanted to become like them. In contrast, there were few popular politicians in Japan, so young people did not develop an interest in politics.

From this point of view, the one political comic, “Kunimitsu-no-matsuri(クニミツの政)” started in order to make young people get interested in politics. This comic introduced the basic knowledge of politics. It was an easy enough book to read so that even a primary schoolchild could read it. Through this comic, one could gain an understanding of the political system, and the social system.

One of the heros of Kunimitsu Muto was modeled on Kakuei Tanaka. He was a famous and attractive politician in Japan in spite of his corruption. He did not have any education, but he was attractive and related well to his constituents.

After you read this comic, you may develop an interest in politics. This comic is not only practical but also amusing. I highly recommend it.


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