The review of The Sixth Sense

When I watched the movie, I thought that a lot of things were different from Japan. First of all, the ghosts were different. Typical Japanese ghosts have no legs, and wear white clothing.
Their breakfast was also different. We don’t usually eat cereals.
Their buildings were very different as well. How large the houses are! They really live in big houses. I imagined that there are many old traditional buildings, because the U.S. does not have earthquakes like Japan.

Of course there are common points. Ghosts exist because they strongly regret something. This is a common point. How strong people’s emotions are, and they eagerly want someone to listen to their “unfortunate” situations. On this point, There is a universality.

I will reveal my real intention when I finished watching the movie. I realized what the ending was going to be when the movie was only half finished. The movie needed to be more tricky! There was no surprise. So the number of stars I give it is 3 or 4 based on the Amazon rating system.


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