(06)The time when the Japanese language will die.

A few month ago, Two famous Japanese bloggers, Mochio Umeda and Dan Kogai introduced a book ‘The time when the Japanese language will die. (Nihongo ga horobiru toki)’. The book was bookmarked extensively by over 1000 people. This book said which language Japanese people should choose when they talk and write about intellectual matters.

Now English is widely used in the field of science and business. The book said English will be used not only in these fields but also in other fields. One hypothesis is that in the near future intelligent Japanese people, they will choose to use English. The reason is that English is used in all over the world and the Japanese language is only used by 120 million people. If they use English, they can learn many things and communicate with many more than if they use Japaneses. English will become like Latin which was used by many people all over the world as a vehicle for learning.Japanese will also choose English as a universal language. If this tendency continues, Japanese people will not use the Japanese language. This is the main argument of this book.

I think Japanese people will choose English as a intellectual language. In former article I wrote that there are relatively few Japanese language audio books however there are many audio books in the English language, so I decided to start learning English. Similar situation will happen in many fields in the near future.



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