(04)PDCA in learning foreign languages at language schools

PDCA is an iterative four-step problem-solving process. This process is useful not only in business process improvement but also in learning foreign language. Because of this, you should follow this process while learning a foreign language at a language schools.

Because PDCA is an acronym, I will explain what each letter means. ‘P’ is ‘preparation’. Before you go to the school, you have to study the school text as much as you can. And you should also ‘plan’ which topic you are going to make remarks about. If you do not bother to do these things, you may waste your money.D is ‘do’. You actually have to make remarks about what you learned in preparation. If you practice the words you learned beforehand, you can much understand the words and use them well. And if you have questions, you should ask. Even if you do not have a major question, you should ask a trivial question. Your teacher may teach you something important which you did not notice.C is ‘Check’. you should brush up on what you learned in school text and lessons. If you review your lesson, you can retain the knowledge longer. Many people do not carry out this part of the process because they regard review as messy things. But you must not forget to review.A is ‘Action’. After the lesson, you should practice what you learned in lesson. Not using what you learned is wasteful.

At last, I add one important concept. Have a fun in learning foreign language. This concept acts like grease to your PDCA process.



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