(03) How to set up a new project

When you start a new project, there are two things you have to think about.

One thing is finding people who are eager to start a new project. It is easy to propose something new, while on the other hand, to realize something new is difficult and a lot of work. Because of this people usually only talk about something new, for example “If this idea realized, we would be happy. ”. but few people actually carry out their new idea. so if you start something new, firstly you have to be willing to carry out many hard jobs.

The other important point is having the wisdom to know the demand of a new project. If many people want something to happen or are truly eager(maybe without a thought), and new project correspond the demand, the project will succeed. One aspect to look at is whether your project is gathering people. If the project is attractive, it is easy to gather people. On the other hand, if there is no demand, people will not be interested, even the greatest idea could not succeed,

Finally, if you want to start a new project, first you should become a hard worker, and then you have to do the proper research to know whether a new project will be accepted or not.



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